The Best Running Shoes For Overpronators

What Are The Best Running Shoes For Overpronators?

When searching for the best running shoes for overpronators, it’s important to pick one with strong support.

That’s because as an overpronator, your feet tend to roll inward as you complete your stride which leaves little or no support for your legs.

Many feet injuries from running occur because of this condition, and it is quite common.

Here is a video I found which gives a detailed overpronator definition:

Feet Injuries From Running

If you have overpronating feet and you wear the wrong shoes to run in, you may find yourself with a number of physical problems.

Your balance is greatly affected due to this severe foot movement which can lead to accidents.

Additionally, you may experience feet that become tired or ankle pain, and this could also cause lower back and hip pain as well.

From what I’ve shared so far,I guess it’s pretty obvious that…

  • ankle sprains
  • shin splints
  • achilles tendonitis

…are all common among overpronators.

feet injuries from runningSo how do you choose running shoes for overpronation?

Well, naturally, cushioned running shoes are the best choice because they control the level of foot motion and also act as shock absorbers for your feet.

They should be flexible and can provide anywhere from minimum, moderate, to maximum cushioning depending on what level of pronation you have.

Asics stability running shoes are an exellent example of overpronation running shoes. Some of the more popular choices are the Asics GEL-Kayano 19 and the Gel GT-2170.

These brands are popular among all fitness enthusiasts who require the most support and performance during their workouts.

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Final Advice

The Best Running Shoes For OverpronatorsEven the best running shoes for overpronators need to fit properly to allow the right foot motion and prevent ankle twists.

Be sure that you can wiggle your toes in them and also check that the heel area is not too snug.

Another piece of advice I can offer is not to wait until your shoes wear out completely to replace them. They lose much of their function and support when you do this.

I have been victom to this mistake many times and have suffered much pain as a result!

It’s easy to become attached to your favorite running shoes but sometimes you’ve just got to let go.(lol)

Purchasing them online I’ve always found gives you the best price and choices of style, but you might want to try a few pairs on at your local retailer just to be sure of your size.

I hope this information was helpful to you and if you think it will help others, please share:)

Have a great run!

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