Stretching Exercises For Running

Yoga Stretching Exercises For Running

I was searching for some new stretching exercises for running the other day and came across this cool video I wanted to share:)

This girl demonstrates how to incorporate the yoga sun salutation into your pre run warm up, awesome stuff!

Check it out and let me know what you think…

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There are many runners stretches you can do to get yourself ready to hit the road or track this summer.

Pre run stretches are an important part of your workout because they can…

  • Prepare your body for the strenuous exercise that is coming by increasing the heart and respiratory rate.
  • Increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients delivered to the muscles.
  • Make it easier to burn additional calories by extending the length of your run.
  • Reduce soreness after your workouts.

Limber Up

Stretching exercises for running can be just as important as choosing the right shoe to run in because they help prevent injuries that can slow you down or even kill your workout.

Runners StretchesBe sure to do it properly and don’t bounce through your routine. This is a very common mistake, but it’s better if you stretch slowly and hold it for about a half minute or so.

Also, only stretch to the point where you feel a tightness in the muscles. If you push beyond this point it can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort…OUCH!

And finally, before doing your pre run stretches warm the muscles up by doing some light cardio or perhaps a gentle 5-10 minute run.

Muscles that are warm stretch a heck of a lot easier than cold ones, believe me!

That’s it, I hope you liked this little article on stretching exercises for running, but now it’s time to get out there and take action:)

It’s much too nice of a day where I live to be sitting at my computer. I’m going running!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to check out more really cool runners stretches, click on the link above. Until next time…


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