Asics: Stop At Never

Asics Is Evolving And Taking On The Competition!

AsicsThere’s fierce competition in the running industry right now, according to Asics VP-marketing man Erik Forsell.

Erik would know, after all, since he has been assigned by CEO of Asics America Kevin Wulff to make the brand feel faster and younger, and successfully move into the future.

He acknowledges the fact that companies such as Nike and Adidas have “stepped it up” in terms of marketing and have really set their sights on going after Asics.

In His Own Words

In an interview on Forsell discusses his ideas for moving forward, taking on the competition, and other critically important marketing topics such as the “last five feet of retail.”

He talks about how Asics running shoes are brighter and bolder, and how the company is going to continue to provide information to athletes on how their technology is superior.I really like how he is promoting the idea that not only can you run a marathon in Asics shoes, but you can wear them to the grocery store as well. I know I do:)

This is all great news for runners such as myself, who have discovered that these shoes are truly the best for exercise and beyond!

My Asics Experience

asics gel nimbus 13

Asics Gel Nimbus 13

I hopped on board a couple of years ago when I was having problems with my lower legs while running (shin splints, etc.), and decided to purchase a new pair of running shoes. I have always gone with Nike, but this time I figured I’d try something different.

While browsing around my favorite athletic footwear store, a pair of Asics running shoes really caught my eye. When I tried them on I couldn’t believe how different they felt compared to the other shoes I’d always worn.

I forget what edition they were, I think one of the earlier Nimbus models, but I bought them. Most running shoes I’ve purchased in the past needed to be worked in, but these shoes felt awesome on the first run!

Since that experience some years ago Asics running shoes are all I wear. My favorite pair right now are the  Gel Nimbus 13 , but I often try other ones for the sake of this blog and sharing my reviews with readers.

I like Asics’ new advertising slogan “stop at never,” as it captures the emotion of many athletes and runners out there, myself included. We train harder everyday and constantly strive to be better and keep on improving. This is the true essence of life!

If you’d like to read the entire interview of Erik Forsell with Natalie Zmuda, Click Here.

Keep running and be well!!!

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