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Asics Gel-Get Free Shipping-Both Ways

Asics Gel-Get Free Shipping-Both Ways

I’ll be honest, like most people I enjoy shopping online from Amazon and still use their awsome service and selection for most of the items I want or need. But I recently discovered a super web site that offers many of today’s popular shoes, including my favorite running shoes the Asics Gel Nimbus 13  or the Nimbus 12’s, and other cool apparel with absolutely no shipping charges…both ways! This is ideal for purchasing shoes because alot of times we’re not sure of the size or color we want. This option will allow us to purchase more than 1 selection, review them, try them on, see how they look in-person, and then send back the ones we don’t wish to keep.

This is truly a convenient concept. Many times we think we’re getting a good deal on a product only to find, after they add on their shipping and handling cost, we are paying more than we had wanted to for the item. Well, now you can have the comfort of shopping securely and safely without all those additional charges! They make the whole process really simple, as well, which makes it even better:)

The Very Simple Return Process

Great Selection-Free Shipping-Click Here

Great Selection-Free Shipping-Click Here

After you’ve deduced which items you want to keep and which ones you want to send back, you simply log on to the company’s home page and click on the “my account” button, which I believe is in the top right-hand corner. You then  just click on your order number and pick out the items  you don’t want, or wish to replace with a different size, and check the boxes of those items. After you have done that, click the box that sais “return checked items”. At this point  you will  be given a choice of how you want your refund, either a credit to your original method of payment or a store credit to use for a different purchase.

You will, of course, also need a label, and they have simplified this process for you as well! You can have it printed out immediately by choosing that button on the return screen, or they will even email or send it through the post office if your printer is not working or you don’t have one. Then, once you make sure all the items are in their proper box and ready to be shipped out, you just attach your label, seal it, and head down to your closest UPS. It’s really as simple as that!

Asics Gel Running Shoes

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I have also heard, through various consumer reports and customer reviews, that they offer excellent customer support by email or phone if you are having difficulty with this whole process. No matter how simple things appear to be, there are sometimes problems or questions that arise. It’s good to know that you can contact somebody for help during situations like this.

So if you want to purchase a pair of Asics online but were worried about additional expenses should you need to return an item, or you just want to avoid shipping costs altogether, this will give you another option. I have only used them a short while but am very satisfied. Like I said before, I still LOVE Amazon and will continue to use and promote their service, but I’m glad I discovered this web site so I now have an additional shopping source to use for certain purchases. I highly recommend them and invite you to give them a try. In these tough economic times, saving a few bucks here and there definitely helps. Cheers!

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