Asics Gel Kinetic 4 Reviewed

The Asics Gel Kinetic 4 Thinks On Your Feet!

asics gel kinetic 4

Asics Gel Kinetic 4

The Asics Gel Kinetic 4 is a great shoe for heavy heal strikers like myself.

The discreet Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System in this premium running shoe provides the maximum shock-absorption ability that other brands simply can’t deliver.

This is why I started wearing Asics running shoes in the first place.

I needed something that could hold up under long, pounding runs and yet still feel comfortable on my feet.

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This latest edition in the Asics Gel Kinetic line is packed with athletic technology which runners and fitness enthusiasts have come to expect from each new pair of their specialized runner’s shoes.

It is a combination of brainy good looks with a unique ability to perform intelligently during your workouts.

In addition, these shoes have one of the most incredible heel fits you will probably ever experience!

Along with support, the next important thing every runner needs from his/her footwear is minimal irritation. Nothing can slow you down like the discomfort and pain caused by ill-fitting shoes.

The Asics Gel Kinetic line features a premium fit at the collar, where it really counts, and they will accomodate throughout your entire footfall.

Unique Editions For Both Ladies And Men

asics women's gel kinetic 4

Asics Women's Gel Kinetic 4

Ladies, try the Asics Women’s Gel Kinetic 4 running shoes. They feature different color combinations and a style made just for females!

If you REALLY want to try them, but the price tag is a bit more than you can pay for runner’s shoes, you might like to start with the previous edition of the Asics Gel Kinetic 3’s.

asics men's gel kinetic 3

Asics Gel Kinetic 3

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I will admit that these shoes are a bit heavier than some of the other models available from Asics. But I wouldn’t rule them out based on this fact alone.

It’s helpful to consider what exactly you are looking for from your running footwear.

The Asics Gel Kinetic 4 just may be the high-tech solution for you if you prefer a solid and stable heel structure along with awesome forefoot comfort.

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